Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Tea Time!

Hello Tuesday Tea Time friends!

After a week away, I have returned. I had to show myself grace when last week's Tuesday came & went & there was not a Tea Time post. Apparently I've been so on the go that my lack of social media posts is cause for concern to some (ahem mom). There is nothing to worry about, just on the go & took a few days away to celebrate #LifeSpiritSparkle with friends.

This past week I got to check off another state visited on the U.S.A. Map. As random as the trip was, it was well worth the wear & tear of travel. I stayed with family on Z's side in CT for the special occasion of my college days best friend AJO's ordination. I enjoyed family time with legit family & Cap fam. I enjoyed a quality New England lobster roll & apple picking adventure. The days were cooler & the leaves were just on the verge of turning color.

The main event was very special. It was a joint ordination for three individuals & the bishop shared a sermon that spoke to everybody present. The music was phenomenal & the reunions & new introductions were life giving. You can't ask for days like that! Well, OK, you can, but they don't happen without a little effort.

May we seek & live into providing the life giving moments of our days.
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