Monday, September 8, 2008

Get your New Dawn


The YE theme verse for the year is just that! It comes from Ephesians 4:4-6.

Team life has been a great adventure as always. We're in our last week of training at Luther Point in WI. The International Teams have a separate training week to learn about cross cultural living and such, so the National Teams are still at Luther Dell. It's sad to not be with everybody, but it's also a good time to really focus on what God's called us to as well as learn to only be around a few people. On Saturday we all head out on the road and it will only be us & our teammates.

My teammates are wonderful people. We all come from different religious backgrounds which is fascinating to me because I know we can learn so much from each other. We've all had lots of different experiences in ministry as well so that adds to the team dynamics. We're still praying for another guy so if yall know anybody 21+ wanting to serve the Lord send them my way. We're doing great as the 5 of us though so no worries there.

We had our rally day booking this past weekend and had a really relaxed setting which was a total blessing for our first performance. We got to work with 2 separate churches that use the same building. One was a LCMC (Luther Congregation in Mission for Christ) and the other was a Filipino American Church. We get to work with these churches a couple more times throughout the year which is very nice.

We've had some silly times of course learning music and getting to know each other. The photo day was our first funny time and sharing our call stories/life stories. It's also great that our one guy, Jon, is 6'7", just over 2 meters, & all of us girls are 5'4" & under. We all mesh well together & just enjoy getting to continue learning about God working in and around each one of us. Tonight we have our first program so that'll be fun, it's just for YE people so that's nice too.

I feel as if this is a very scattered post, but none the less GOD IS GOOD!
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