Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time

Full speed ahead!

I do believe I've potentially crossed over to the dark side. No, not coffee, psh! Gross! However, with the melting snow & the weather transitioning to a coming Spring, I have been getting minor headaches. Some of them I'm sure are because of lack of sleep or dehydration. However, for Christmas Momma N got me some of her favorite holiday tea (Nutcracker Sweet by Celestial Seasonings) & it is BLACK & caffeinated.

Caffeine is the dark side!

When I was in junior high (or middle school if you prefer) I was told by medical physicians to hold off on caffeine. I was instructed to either not have any at all or none after 3pm. You're maybe wondering why? Well, I have a crazy health history & one of the little things is that I'm slightly intolerant to caffeine. It makes me nauseas & my motor skills slow down. Some times I even get crazy shaky so my teeth chatter.

Telling a 14 year old (or there abouts) that she's not allowed to have caffeine is sort of crazy. Thus, I still push the limits to this day & occasionally find myself with the shakes. I never thought I'd have a caffeine headache though.

This leaves me wondering: What are you addicted to?

I know, big & bold question, but going big like my headaches & bold like my caffeinated tea.

Be big & bold & share your addictions! Together we can help each other be healthy about them, even if we don't stop taking them in.

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