Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Tea Time!

Hiya Tuesday Tea Time friends!

This season of life I've decided to watch Dancing With the Stars instead of The Voice. I have also been looking for the glimpses of blue skies & sunlight amidst the gray days. Just yesterday I intentionally took a different route to work to be able to admire the small piece of blue sky.

Dancing With the Stars simply means flipping between the two channels we get for the show I prefer in the moment. The blue skies means I'm looking for the pieces of good like I always try to do. The days are getting darker much earlier already & the time change isn't for another month!

This also means cooler weather & hopefully the Fall colors soon. In this area of MI Fall means not simple apple cider but cherry apple cider. And yes, it's delicious! 

If you haven't gotten out & enjoyed a piece of Fall in you're area this Tuesday Tea Time go & explore, even if you have to go over your lunch break. A little exploration is good for the heart & soul.
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