Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Tea Time!

Hiya Tuesday Tea Timers!

So much excitement in the air this week! Over 600 leaders of youth ministry are headed to the annual ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza this year in CA. It's February & a leap year. And Britta Gene Art has given their website a facelift that looks fabulous!

So this week you have three simple tasks.

First, if you're not a user or follower of hashtags, figure them out. And if you are new to hashtags or well seasoned in their creation, follow & join in the conversations from #ext16 to join in with the Extravaganza wherever you are!

Second, enjoy this unique quirky short leap year month & be sure to celebrate all of the babies who were or will be born on the 29th. Hats off to you leap year babies!

And check out Britta Gene Art at http://www.brittagene.com to top off the excitement of February. If you're feeling the excitement contact Britta Gene about purchasing a piece of her work for your Valentine, even if that Valentine is yourself!

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