Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Tea Time!

Good morning Tuesday Tea Time!

While sipping a thermos full of sweet plum green tea the other day, sitting by a fire, in a very busy ski lodge, I couldn't help but think about the water I had used to make my tea earlier that day.

If you haven't heard, there's a water crisis. Sure this has been a global issue for years, decades of fen, but most recently it's come close to home in Flint, MI. It seems rather timely & Sprit lead that one of the big movements with this last Summer's ELCA Youth Gathering was the 'Walk for Water' challenge.

Daily, around the world, there are hundreds of thousands of people that walk miles upon miles to get clean water. At the gathering there was a simulation that youth & adults could get an idea about what it's like to walk the miles with not just the empty containers, but the very heavy filled containers. Cool, right?

The question now is how can we help raise not simply awareness to our communities & government, but to help the people of Flint in their need? This is such a desperate need that it will take years to fix. And sadly some of the fall out of Flint's lead heavy, aged rusty pipes, & who knows what else, filled water has cost some people their lives. The city knew about this problem for some time before calling for help, which doesn't help the public frustration with it all.

If you'd like to help support the people of Flint through water filters that filter out all the yuck, or through funds to go to local churches who want to be safe water locations, but now need to have all their internal piping redone, please visit this link to learn how to help. And to cover our bases, write a note to MI government.

Change must happen internally so it can be shared externally. We can make a difference & we need to make a difference. So let the water flow & the tea be pure.
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