Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday Tea Time!

  Hello Tuesday Tea Time followers!

After a few days away in sunny southern CA, I am adjusting back to the February chill in pure MI. 

The last week has been another incredible experience at my 4th ELCA Youth Ministry Extravaganza. I connected with friends from my past, strengthened relationships that were still fairly new before the trip, & made many new connections. It is a privilege to be part of such a wonderful group of leaders from across the country that work in a large variety of ways for the sake of God's love being shared with children, youth, young adults, & adult ministry. 

This event is a time of Spiritual & Relational Renewal. It is a time to be in community, continuing my education around topics that are important to my personal context (there's something for every context) in ministry. You can't ask for much better continuing education than that, if you ask me! 

I took part in conversations around the event's theme of Wonder regarding the rite of confirmation, self care, gender knowledge & appropriate respectful language, mental health realities in ministry leadership, & community college campus ministry. That is only to name a few of course. The few days of the "E" are so jam packed with two to three & sometimes four things or more to choose from attending at any given time. The speakers are profound, vulnerable, beautiful people that know how to share life, God, & laughter. There was even a magician who taught us all a "simple" trick that I couldn't do again when I went to show Z!

Seminary professors, synod staff, bishops, rostered leaders, college faculty & staff, plus a slew of other people acknowledge this event as the one event for those of us who work in children, youth, & family ministries to attend each year. It is a time to reflect on your personal leadership & expand your knowledge & renew your spirit.

I'm already looking forward to #ext17 in Louisville, KY. Hope to see many of you there! For one more thing to check out, check out OMG Center for a great place to wonder about God & life.

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