Saturday, March 6, 2010

You got some lent on you there

Joy sun! Good morning! Boker Tov!

I cannot tell you the last time I was up this early on a Saturday morning. I know you're thinking "poor you." As much as I'm not always a morning person I really enjoy mornings. I enjoy the freshness of the day with the sun rising & slowly heating up the air. Each day I try & start my day, usually before I even get out of bed with telling God g'morning. This may seem silly to some, but even though I like things about the morning I usually am a little grumpy when I first wake up. My family would say I'm a lot grumpy when I first wake up. By greeting & acknowledging God it helps me to attempt to start focusing my day around the works of the Trinity in my life.

Recently life has just been a whirlwind of fun school projects, meeting up with friends from outside of seminary, & making time to hang out with friends from seminary. I've been getting involved with an emergent church called Jacob's Well and feel called & pushed by the Spirit to be involved there. Most of my time is spent with seminary somethings as there is always pages of reading to be done so that words can be written & papers turned in. Most days I feel like I am not taking enough time to focus on the Trinity even though I start my days with an attempt to center around the Trinity. However, the Spirit, specifically this past week has been so present that it gave me the jitters. I told one friend, when relaying a story about Zack & I, that this year the Spirit has completely knocked me off my feet while Zack swept me off my feet.

Since the beginning of 2010 I have known of 5 deaths, 6 births, and this next Saturday will be attending my first of nearly 12 weddings for the year. I don't even know how to move past that reality of the sadness & rejoicing & all the other mixed emotions that come with these life happenings. Maybe that's the Spirit's point, maybe that's Jesus' point, to keep focusing on the incredible fact of the empty cross. Thus be my Lenten journey, it just started a little earlier than Ash Wednesday.
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