Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Tea Time!

Welcome to Tuesday Tea Time!

See this honey pot? Isn't it cute? I received it as a gift for Christmas along with another honey pot that appeared to to be more stable & would definitely hold more honey. SO I chose to keep this cute decorative honey pot as part of my Spring decorations & use the seemingly more stable one for my daily honey.

Well the other honey pot proved to be weaker than the honey that broke the honey wand off the lid it was attached to. It still works & I still use it, but it definitely isn't kid or accident prone friendly.

And there on my little kitchen shelf, next to my sink, sits my cute bumblebee honey pot.

How often do we miss-judge something or someone & miss out on life with it? I'm still enjoying both honey pots, but to be totally honest, I rarely look at the shelf (partially because it's above my line of vision) & therefore do not enjoy this kitschy gift. No, we can't truly take it all in, but I encourage us all to choose the one that seems less pretty or less trusty & see what adventure awaits you. But don't get yourself in trouble either!

I just refilled my "other" honey pot this morning & am enjoying some sweet peach tea. Enjoy your tea time no matter the time of day!
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