Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Over the course of many months Fridays have become my Tuesday. Yes, I say Tuesday because they're not quite as hectic as Mondays, but they're definitely the start of something new since Z & I try to take Thursdays off. Though we just admitted this morning that we haven't been very good at truly taking a day "off." 

Yesterday wasn't much of a day off at all in lieu of household sickness. There was much cleaning & sanitizing to be done so that we didn't become more sick off of one another's ailments.

So I say thank you for the little things this week that have given us strength when physically it hasn't been a super strong week.

My BGEG sent this pretty pink card to say thank you & while it had such a heart felt message  inside, it reminded me to be thankful in return. BGEG recently ended her time working in retail book sales. My oh my did I learn through her stress how important it is to say "Thank You" as often as possible. It not only is a sign of gratitude for sharing life & talents together, but it is a sign of acknowledging each other's humanity & feeding each other souls in a very necessary survival sort of way.

Today, remember to mind your P's & Q's & remember to say Thank You to those who serve you in even the tiniest of ways.

Thank you for being you & sharing life, spirit, & sparkle!

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