Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Tea Time!

It's the best time of the week & to be honest I'm on round two of my echinacea tea bag for the morning. Z started very early this morning with a full day ahead & of course our fur-baby thought she needed to get up as well. Little does she know is just because she wanted her morning routine about 90min early does not mean she'll get her evening meal 90min early. Good thing my only plans outside the house today involve buying more tissues & this time I'm splurging on Kleenex brand with lotion in them. I'm the champion of finishing off 3 boxes of tissues in less than the last 24 hours!

Naturally with this bit of a head cold I was feeling sorry for myself & a craving that I've had for quite some time - seriously a couple of months at least - needed to be calmed. When you're having a craving for something that you try to ignore, does it ever truly go away? Maybe the craving itself does, but the thought that you like that thing you're craving does not. Which overall makes me think that the craving doesn't actually go away.

So on a whim, last night, Z was at a meeting & I decided to make chocolate chip cookies to have when he came home. Let's call it a whim, since I don't really like baking. All I wanted was the dough, but I knew it'd be more fun to share, so I baked the cookies. I even cut the recipe in half so that I didn't end up with the supposed 5 dozen cookies a full recipe would've made. It's all about moderation, right? Since I baked the cookies, I ate way less dough & gave some cookies away!

Now my craving for cookie dough has been calmed & happiness has been shared & Tuesday Tea Time is a touch sweeter!
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