Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites!

What a weird week!

If there ever was a week for ups & down, this was it. And acknowledging those ups & downs is just half the battle.

There was a shooting at Purdue, Z's grandma died, & I am in a state of disbelief with this winter. The snow just keeps coming!

So as I wrote in my One Word 365: Healthy update the other day. I appreciate the things that make me smile all that much more.

Z had put this reminder in my ipod right after we had moved to Chebooboo. He figures why buy fudge from the dozen stores in the area that make it as their speciality when you can make it at home. I figure why make it when you have such a variety at your fingertips? The silly thing is I thought I deleted this reminder a few times, but it keeps popping up on my ipod! Coincidence?

His silly sense of humor is one of the reasons I said "yes" when he asked he could kiss me for the first time 4 years ago today.

See, ups & downs?! Gotta keep learning to go with the flow 'cause it's not worth it to fight against the waves.
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