Sunday, April 1, 2012

God Parents

Last night while talking with Z's oldest brother to tell him happy birthday and catching up on life we of course were asking about our sister-in-law and her pregnancy. We have not been able to see each other since just before Christmas when she was only two months along and because of the chaos of life and distance we haven't really been the best at keeping in touch either. There are many days when we wish we lived at least in the same state if not the same town. While Z and his brother are on the phone I hear Z says, "Wow! Yes, sure. Wait, I better ask her too." What he then asked I was not expecting. C & J have asked us to be the God parents to their first child - along with J's sister too! What a humbling title to be called God Parent!

Personally, I don't think my God parents even know that they are my God parents. My former Aunt M may know and should know, but I know that my Uncle T is not in the right state of mental health to remember. Although, you'd be amazed at what he pulls out of the back of his brain from years ago despite his form of dementia. The people my parents chose did not act directly as God parents aside from my actual Baptism. Their lack of interaction with my faith development and growth is alright because I was blessed with many other people that have acted as God parents to me. However, this is not something I plan to rely on for our future niece or nephew.

Z and I are humbled and thankful for the new life in our family. We are honored to have the chance to help point out the ways in which God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are working in our God child's life. Oh what an adventure it will be! And yes, if yall have any great tips of how to be a God parent from across the miles, or even from across town, please let us know!
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