Saturday, May 12, 2012

22 years of school

The end of the semester is here! It's always an exciting time of year. It's the beginning of summer and the season of birthdays for both Z and I. With summer comes a change in the pace of day-to-day living. While Z will continue being full-time in his internship, I will become even more part-time in my field work.

I feel like I can reclaim my right to cooking, cleaning, and projecting. Yes, I am one who likes to experiment in the kitchen. My cousin was just teasing me the other day remembering me as a thirteen year old who said I would never cook. I still don't enjoy baking so much, but I have learned the joys of cooking. Like my cousin said, it was only natural being named after our grandmother who was a wonderful cook and baker. So maybe the joy of baking will come some day, but for now we'll leave that up to Z. Cleaning is therapeutic for me and it has been for many years. Living in a small apartment cleanliness is also part of our sanity as it doesn't take much of being untidy to look cluttered or messy. And my projecting plans are to actually try some of the things I've pinned on Pinterest. Of course whatever I project I either have to give away or it makes more for us to pack for when we move back to the cities in a few months.

Other plans for the summer are to take total advantage of all the biking/hiking trails in the Northwoods, visit a few friends, and hopefully have a few friends visit us. In a few weeks Ma & Pa P will be visiting MN for the first time since last summer's wedding week! After their visit Z will be leading a group from work on a Youth Works trip to Canada and I will be going to ND to visit a good friend and fellow Diaconal Minister friend (& meet her hubby & little one) for a few days.

Currently Z & I are adjusting to the change in pace of day-to-day life. We're often found processing the oddities of this year and dreaming about the year ahead of us. Class schedules have been posted, but I have yet to look at it and figure out my schedule. We also have another big essay for our last piece of candidacy within the ELCA to write at some point this summer. Where we'll be headed a year from now is completely unknown so we keep "Globetrotting with God" even within the same state.

God has used this year to help me better define my call as a Diaconal Minister and as a person who is passionate about ministry with those in their First/Third of life. This summer is going to go by fast and before we know it this year of living in the Northwoods will be history in the stories that make up JZ Nelson. Before I get too far ahead of myself I best get to the list of cleaning, cooking, and projecting! I thank the Lord for all of you who share in this continuous journey with Z & I wherever we land from wherever you are
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