Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Day in Duluth

First of all I must say that I'm trying the new Blogger format so if something doesn't come up right that would be why.

After the last post of sharing how hard life can be, but the hope we have in Jesus I decided I was going to "kidnap" Z away for a day. One of his favorite cities is Duluth, MN so I figured we could spend a few hours in the car and have a day away. Despite the crazy March Minnesota weather it was a lovely day. Yes, we drove and walked through high winds, sleet, snow, and rain. We got some fun finds at a local antique shop that used to be a church and then headed to Canal Park where we got some new smartwool socks on sale. Seriously whoever figured out the idea of smartwool is on the A list in my book. Overall we essentially ate our way through Duluth. Nothing like a little stress indulging in favorite things! In the morning we both got a latte before getting on the road, then we had lunch at Bridgeman's and of course we had to have a banana split for dessert, we stopped to get a warm drink later in the afternoon and shared a scone, then went to dinner at Angie's Cantina and shared a margarita.

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