Friday, August 19, 2011

August Rush

The month of July was busy with wedding, honeymoon, finishing packing up the alley house, & a road trip to IN for the Hoosier Celebration. We threw in a IN-KY candidacy retreat in there too. Basically it was a bunch of celebration & a little bit of reflection time.

Now a month later I find myself sitting in our first apartment watching Fried Green Tomatoes while Z's out interning. We moved up North a week ago & had the boxes & tubs emptied within a day or two. The lakes are relaxing & the sky right now is streaked with pinks & blues.

The most common question of the last month is "How's married life?" Well, it's just a part of what makes up my life. It reminds me of when I first started seminary & people asked me "Do you like seminary?" and my classmates & I said this is like asking us "Do you like your life?" Z is my best friend & it's a blessing to be able to have found love & grow in it with Z and God. Everyday Z & I reflect on what God is doing in our lives, how we have been called to ministry & how we are being ministered to. So to answer how married life is, it's just as hectic & new as life was before married life. For the most part Z & I have been in some form of transition since we graduated high school. Life is adventuresome, good, scary, hectic, & exciting.

We have been warmly welcomed in our new home & look forward to finding a somewhat normal pace of things around here. Although, we know the "normal pace of things" will change in the next few months. The vacationers will go home for the school year, the snowbirds pack up to head south, and the rest of us bundle up a little more to stay for the winter months. Globetrotting with God has brought me to way more places in the northern part of the US than I ever imagined I'd be. The unknown of where else we'll land is fairly scary, but also really exciting to dream about the possibilities.

God is Good!
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