Saturday, October 1, 2011

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ

I have come to blog maybe three times in the last couple of weeks, but never knowing what was of true importance to share. I want to be able to reflect on my life as a follower of Christ & not be lost in the material driven society that surrounds me.

Lately Z & I have continued to be asked "How's married life?" and our answer continues to be "Good & Busy." Another question though that has come up in the last few days is "How is your apartment?" & this is even sometimes often followed by "Is it suitable?" I write this sitting in our somewhat of a cave that serves as our guest room & office. There is one window that lets in some natural light & just enough room for a single bed, desk, small table (serving as a second or addition to the desk), & book shelf. We have more than enough belongings to fill the closets & wall space! This makes me curious to know that if we did not think our place was suitable what these people would do about it. The fact is we live a transient life as seminary students & in ministry.

As you may know, I am continuing my education on-line this year as we are four hours from campus. In discussion with a fellow classmate about our working/ministry contexts I shared that the church is in transition right now. For instance, my job is an interim job as the church is looking for a servant-hearted & well equipped pastor to join the staff & focus on the youth & family ministry. My classmate said that all churches should acknowledge that they are in constant transition. The world around us is not stagnate, it is moving forward. The Word of God is not stagnate. It is stirring in our hearts, heads, & daily lives!

We are a sent people. Jesus sends his disciples to Go make disciples (see Matt 28:19) and out they went thus bringing the Word Incarnate by the works of the Holy Spirit to this very day & our lives. I often like to think that we are not called to live a quiet life of faith. After all, our faith did not come to us in a quiet way from God (& I am not a very quiet person). As Christ followers we are to "live a live worthy of [our] calling" (Eph. 4:1).

In my studies & recent discussions, both through school & work, it has been said that Faith Formation is a hot topic that often is blended in with Christian Education discussion. Faith formation is something that is bigger than the acts that help form our faith. Faith formation is a way of life that is for all ages. Today, and for several years now, it is not uncommon if a person or people are unsatisfied with their church to go "church shopping." Not that there is anything wrong with finding a community of believers that worship & serve in a way that connects with the individual. However, at the same time we could help be a church united, rather than divided, if we use one of our beautifully natural gifts & spoke up about the Holy Spirit works in our lives.

Yes, there are various forms of worship, & each form of worship takes preparation & time. Where is God calling you today? Recently I have joined more of the social networking world with a business Facebook, Twitter account, Google+, & I continue my blog for my need of being known & heard & feeling accepted. Yes, I just used feeling words. We as a people seem to be screaming out to be networked, connected, heard, accepted, loved. If we can scream through the internet, we can scream in the name of Jesus Christ & proclaim God's love for all people in action & in word.

How's life? Are things suitable? Living in the footsteps of Jesus life should not be suitable according to our global societies. Living in the footsteps of Jesus life should be a constant adventure with hardships, days of crying, days of joy, & an invigorating knowledge that we have a purpose in our lives. We have a life to live because Jesus is God incarnate, born, died, buried, descended into Hell, raised from the dead, and ascended into Heaven. Even if you don't follow in Jesus' footsteps that's a story worth telling.
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