Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I woke up on July 2nd feeling very well rested, excited & unsure of what the day was to hold emotionally. My heart had made a wish many years before meeting Z that I would find somebody to compliment me & challenge me & love me like he does. Before I knew it was midnight & I was officially Mrs. Nelson. Thankfully I didn't lose my glass slipper & I got many a kisses before midnight.

The day truly was magical. There were silly things like outfit mishaps, but nothing that couldn't be fixed or didn't already look nice. We had some of the best helpers we could've asked for and a great wedding party as well. We had been celebrating all week long with my immediate family coming in on Tuesday & then people trickling in each day after that. It was wonderful to see our three friends come together for the music of the ceremony, our photographers being creative, & the incredible support of family & friends we have show up for the ceremony &/or the reception. We laughed, we cried, we danced, & all had a great time (at least as far as we know). Oh, and yes, my dad & I danced to Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" in honor of our dance recitals together.

We left for our Disney World honeymoon on July 4th & enjoyed the week of being away, letting our imaginations run away with us, and getting more sleep than we had in a while. We were blessed to be gifted for our honeymoon and were able to bring back some fun Disney regalia that we look forward to using in our first apartment together.

Now we're back at the alley house for another week and a half before we move completely out. Our lives are in total transition & it's chaotic, fun, & stressful. The Holy Spirit keeps the buzz alive around us & in this community. There's never a dull moment. Actually, one small life change that happened right before the end of our Disney trip was we became an Aunt & Uncle to baby C. She was five weeks early & mom & her are both doing beautifully!

Right around the corner other than moving is a trip to the good ol' Hoosier state for the Hoosier Celebration where we get to celebrate our nuptials a little more! It'll be another grandiose time for sure :-)
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