Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A couple of years ago I remember being at the ZZ Top concert with my mom & brother & looking at my brother, who I hadn't seen in a while, & saying "huh, you're 27!" He had some sort of response like "yeah yeah, I know."

Yesterday morning I woke up & as I was getting ready for the day, looked myself in the mirror and thought "huh, this is what it looks like to be 27." Life just seems more & more unpredictable the older I get. I think I must've imagined my life a lot as a young child up to a certain point. I never thought about life after 25 really. I thought about life up till my 25th birthday.

Year two of seminary is "finished." The second Spring semester is done anyway. Ever since it's been officially over Z & I have had no problem finding things to keep us busy. I'm actually taking a summer intensive course in June. I have wedding funness motivating me to be productive for the course because after the course comes the wedding. We're at 34 days and counting! Z & I are both very ready to just have the week be here & to celebrate life & love with family & friends.

For now, I'm basking in the funness of my birthday weekend & feeling overly blessed with good friends & family. On my birthday Z & I went to church at Jacob's Well, came home to have a quick lunch before leaving to help usher at graduation for the seminary, then rushed home just to leave for an excellent birthday dinner at a restaurant called The Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine. It was fun to be able to share the experience with other people. It was also very exciting to get to have roti canai again!!!

All is well & busy here & now it's time for bed. Blessings on your last day of May & the rest of the summer!
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