Monday, May 2, 2011

April 27th - The Day the Snow Pile Disappeared

April flew by! It's May 2nd and still only in the 30s & 40s with an occasional high in the 50s or 60s. I miss living in the slightly warmer climate of IN or OH. I think bright colors and sun lamps are an important staple of my life in MN. I've got two predictions of what the weather will be like on the wedding day (2 months from today). One being that it'll either be blazing hot with a gross heat index and humidity out the wazoo or it'll be pleasant & "cool" like it was two years ago on the 4th of July weekend. It has truly been acting like Spring which leads us to the big news of April. I won the snow melting contest! I guessed what day and time the large pile in front of the campus center would be gone in attempts to help send aid to Japan. Each guess cost $1 I think. I just guessed once and was almost spot on with the time of day. So now I get to enjoy a meal with the president of the seminary and his wife.

Aside from that funness not much is new. It's the end of the semester and in the next three weeks I'll have all the writing done for a few weeks before my summer course. Yes, I'm taking one more course before the wedding.

Other fun events...I got up in the middle of the night to watch the Royal Wedding. There was something rather magical about it, but man alive am I glad my wedding day won't be that long. Mostly I mean our ceremony. The weekend was filled with news events and my last Sunday on-call at the hospital. I must not forget a wonderful date night with Z thrown in there.

I'm tired. I'm worn out and ready to have warm weather. I'm excited about enjoying this summer as last summer was odd between taking Greek and living a long-distance relationship. We'll be in constant transition of moving this summer, but I'm excited for the changes and the new life as Mr. & Mrs. God has truly blessed us with one another, no doubt about that. Alright, homework has been put off long enough. Blessings on your May!
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