Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Maddness

No, I'm not referring to the basketball games going on. Although I sorta wish I were as I've always liked watching basketball. However, I'm really just saying that this month has been absolutely crazy. I should be reading right now, but I am not much of a reader and am reaching the end of my steam supply for the day.

The semester is half over now and the wedding is barely 3 months away. Two weekends ago Z & I traveled to where we'll be living next year to get a feel for the town & the people we'll be living alongside. It was a great and overwhelming weekend. We took in the beauty of Leech Lake, even when it's frozen over, we met all sorts of great people, and went to 5 worship services. When I decided that Diaconal Ministry was what I felt called to I was warned that I would have to forge my own way. Thankfully the pastor knows about Diaconal Ministry and is willing to help me with my project. The overwhelming part is narrowing my ideas down to know what my project will actually be. There's so many things to focus on! Learning & living there is such a unique setting being in a small North Woods town surrounded by Native American reservation land. There's opportunities galore!

Last weekend we traveled to good ol' hoosier land for wedding funness. I was blessed with friends that threw me 2 separate showers. Z & I now have fun things like plates, wine glasses, a bread maker, a dust vac, bath towels, wastebaskets, extension cords, a hammock, and so much more to start our home together. I feel like a real adult when I'm excited for the gifts like a blender or food processor which I can only hope are yet to come.

My chaplaincy internship is keeping me very busy as well. It's proven to be very rewarding, which I had hoped it would be. It's nice to learn how to be the church for people in a different way than in the classroom. Does my future call become any clearer in this? Mer, not really. I'm still trying to keep my options open & to really know what I'm passionate about within ministry.

The wedding details are simply that, details. Z's mom is working on my dress, she wins the best future-mother-in-law award for sure! Z & I are taste testing the reception food on Saturday & maybe going to the Farmer's Market to start getting an idea of a vendor to use for flowers. Aside from that it's things like compiling the music for the musicians & getting programs that need done.

Yep, life is good & busy!
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