Monday, October 22, 2007

not so manic mondays

For just over a year if not much longer I have had practically nothing to do on my Monday's. Last year during school, both semesters, I had evening classes so I wasn't busy till 6pm & I believe before that I didn't have anything on Mondays. I worked occasionally, but my hours with admissions weren't always consistant because you never know when somebody needs a tour of campus.

This morning I was woken up at 4:30am by my silly teammate who often speaks in her sleep quite clearly & loudly & also occasionally does other funny things, such as wake up & think it's about 12 hours later than it actually is. This morning was one of those sleep walking times that I had not experienced before. She came to my room to wake me up because she needed to get her van to the shop down town & she thought she had missed her appointment be a couple hours. I had to tell her what time it was about 3 times before she realized that it was still dark out & that she was sleep walking. I chuckled at her & went back to sleep. This was only a continuation of a very silly day, just several hours after we had gone to bed.

When it was actually time to get up I reluctantly did so because if I had not lead her to the auto shop so she had a ride home I could have slept for another hour or more. I got up though & as I was driving I realized how I've felt a bit captive lately. I know it seems silly because I've been able to go visit friends randomly in the area & the next 3 weekends I'm traveling to a different place each time. I love variety in my day, but I also like waking up, making myself presentable, & going out with a purpose. Right now our mornings are very laid back, but I think I'm going to start getting up certain mornings & going out to just be up & ready for the day. All this makes me wonder how frustrated God gets with us some times when we just simply stray away from our faith.

There is always going to be silly things distracting our days & faith. Some times even at weird hours of the morning! These things may distract me & make me question different aspects of my faith, but God is the only true & constant thing that has ever been in my life. It is because of God that I have been blessed with each breath, with each friend, with each adventure and even though I squirm most when he's holding me still in one place I think that's when I'm reminded me most to just stop & be & acknowledge my breathing. "Be still & know that I am God" is one of my favorite verses from the Bible, it's not about building us up as wonderful people who are loved beyond comprehension or all the sins we commit each day. It is about simply acknowledging God who will never give you more than you can handle.
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