Thursday, November 8, 2007

one day

One day there will be one Christian body, one people who have put aside all their different teachings all their different thoughts & do nothing but worship God. one day.

I wish that day were today & then I think "why can't that be today?" It can be if we communicate, but then maybe it takes less communication with one another & more communication with God. Today was a rough, long day of ministry.

I have been doing a bit of traveling lately on our days off and it has been good for me to get away & reflect from the ministry that my team & I are doing here in Racine. My first weekend away was to visit a seminary in Chicago. It was a wonderful weekend that I was blessed to be able to spend with one of my best friends from undergrad. It was one of those lightening bolt weekends where I came away feeling confident that seminary is where I'm meant to be next year. It is where God wants me. Seminary wiill better equip me to do God's work. So I came back to WI on fire to do whatever ministry came our way as best as I knew how. This last weekend I visited good ol' C-bus where I surprised a good friend & also got to visit many other friends & family along the way. I still can't believe I drove that far by myself on my days off, but I did & was rejuvinated in spirit. I came back to the Mosaic Racine home not fearing it, but more anxious to see what God has in store for us. A good anxious that turned into a bit of frustration today.

I come off of days like today and wonder what went wrong & where & why people didn't just say what they were thinking. Don't get me wrong, ministry was still done and I know we're making a difference in the people's lives on many different levels, but people lost focus of God today. Maybe they had an early wake up call, I know I did. Maybe they had personal things stressing them out or hadn't gotten enough sleep and weren't feeling 100%. I can only pray that God remain the center of all the ministries around the world. It is best to uphold our brothers and sisters in Christ in attitude and action & help one another to grow in our weaknesses.

This weekend I'm off to Purdue to enjoy some crazy tradition with my big brother. No matter where I'm off to, I'm always coming back to Racine for at least the next 10 months. Being in ministry I'm learning that I can't be too picky about where I'm working, because no matter where I am or who I am with, God is present & there is heaps of unfathomable love to be shared with one another.

one day all this silliness won't matter, but God's love is infinite and will always matter.
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