Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Tea Time!

Tuesday Tea Time is here & here I am 6 years ago surrounded by the most tea I've ever been around at one time in my life!

First it's crazy that this was already nearly 6 years ago. Second, I know 6 years ago - when my blog was still titled Globetrotting with God - I never thought I'd make Tuesday Tea Times a part of my sharing. Now Tuesday Tea Times are my favorite part about blogging!

Next to tea my other favorite thing in life is travel. While I appreciate having a home to return to, there is not much better than getting to see creation in all its forms, taste the teas around the world, & share that with others.

While I very likely will never make it back to the BOH Tea Plantation & even more likely that I will never return with those I was there with 6 years ago (The New Dawns), it is very exciting to think about the other places & other teas & possibly other tea plantations I will visit.

What adventures does Tuesday Tea Time bring back for you? What hopes do you have for continued adventures?

Tuesday Tea Time moments to ponder...
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