Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites & though my 'to do' list is still lengthy (because I sorta didn't keep one most of the week, but made a fresh one before coming home this evening) it is Friday & it feels like a Friday & that's fun!

I just shared with my cousin last night that having Thursdays off (just as she does) throws me for a spin because Fridays become my Mondays. Well, you could say this is Monday, but tomorrow then is Tuesday & that's a busy day so I should be super productive tomorrow. Right?!

I share all of this because glancing back at my FB newsfeed, one of my favorite things was this quote from Alice in Wonderland shared by Yogi Times. Alice in Wonderland has become one of my favorite stories of all times & I especially like this quote.

There are many days I feel mad, bonkers, & off my head, but this quote reminds me that it is quite normal & makes life that much more exciting.

So may you be ok with being mad, bonkers, & off your head!

You're one of the best people!
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