Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Tea Time!

Happy Tuesday! This is my one Tuesday off for the month of July & I have spent it enjoying the Today show, a spot of tea, getting my hair cut, eating fish fry from Scalawags, & taking a nap. The fun lunch & nap were all thanks to the power going out across town for a couple of hours. Naturally, most of what I wanted to get done today revolved around having electricity.

Seemingly Tuesday Tea Time is all about relaxing & enjoying the tea as well as those around you. I've been spoiled with the ability to do this many times. Today though was interrupted by the puppy & appointments & electricity.

So this afternoon I'm taking the time to breath deep, catch up on what I was unable to do earlier in the day & soak in the sun a bit.

Rolling with the punches & taking life day-by-day.
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