Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time

photo courtesy of Blogs Babble & Etsy 3/25/13

It's Tuesday Tea Time!

I heard on the news last night that at on average, a person spends $150.00 on Easter between food, candy, & clothes.

This shouldn't surprise me as Momma P's love language is gifting others & I had some lavish Easter baskets. 

What I remember most is the excitement of driving home from church knowing the Easter Bunny would have visited & left vibrant candy filled eggs throughout the house or yard (depending on the weather). I also remember the Easter tree, which was really just a big branch spray painted white & mounted on a piece of plywood as a stand. Then there was the Easter Bunny cake that my Mammaw would always make for the family. The best part about all of this was having the whole family together. And by whole family I mean my Dad, Mom, brother, Mammaw, Pappaw, Aunts, Uncles, & cousins. There were likely some neighbors & close family friends there too.

What makes Easter special for you & your family?

Z & I haven't been married or stable in our residence long enough to create such Easter festivities. Maybe next year when we're some place we might be for more than a year at a time, we'll attempt to make our own Easter bunny cake. Momma N did make one for us 3 years ago when I first joined the Nelson family for a holiday (Z & I had been dating for a total of 2&1/2 months).

This year I'm not only excited because it truly is my favorite Christian holiday, but because I am ready for Lent to be over. The remorse, the waiting, the heaviness can all loosen & lighten up already! 

Enjoy your tea or other delightful beverage & soak up the warming Spring days & the fact that our Lord & Redeemer is incredible in this week we call Holy & always.

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