Thursday, December 16, 2010

My First Blizzard

Growing up one of my favorite treats was to go to the local D.Q. (Dairy Queen) & get a blizzard. Some of my favorites are chocolate chip cookie dough or heath bar. I also really like the pumpkin blizzards when they have them. They're more special though because you can only get them for a few weeks out of the year.

Last weekend I experienced my first snow blizzard. I have lived in different parts of the US's Midwest all of my life and never have I experienced this much snow or such drastic cold temperatures. It start late Friday night and snow clear through Saturday with high winds. I found out Saturday morning when I was walking to work that knee high boots are not just a fashion statement, but a necessity for warmth & dryness. It was very pretty, but after a while you couldn't tell if it was blowing or snowing.

It's always interesting even within the same regional area of the country how different things can be. Never have I stood next to a pile of snow as tall as me or taller other than in a grocery store parking lot where it wasn't near as long or wide. Never have I had to have somebody shovel my roof. Yes, there were men on the roof the other day snow blowing our roof.

The Fall semester is officially over for me, which is great. I'm tired & need time to rest. Saturday Z & I will head to WI to visit a good friend of mine & his family. Then we'll make a pit stop in IL on Sunday so that Z can see a bit of the windy city & meet some more college friends of mine. Then eventually we'll make it back to good ol' IN for an entire week to celebrate Christmas with my family then turn around & head back North to celebrate with his family. It's a year of many firsts for Z & I & our families. It's all very exciting!

If I don't update before 2011 I pray yall have a blessed Christmas & New Years!
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