Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Advent

Welcome to the end of the 2010 Fall semester! It's been a long semester with three full courses and two half courses consuming most of my time. The funness of being engaged has been a nice distraction. There's still two weeks left & then finals, but thankfully things are spread out over the next few weeks.

Being in the oh so avid life of constant discernment (one of the many big seminary life words) I find myself wondering what I have gotten from this semester. I have been blown away daily by the love in my life. This love is found in my fiance, the daily support of my family, the silliness of my friends both near & far, the support from the larger church body, and various other places. Listing this off makes me think I need to watch Love Actually again soon (it's one of my favorites). I also have been affirmed in my call as a Diaconal Minister. Some days it seems like it would just be easier to have stayed in the Master of Arts program or to go the traditional Master of Divinity route, but that is not where I am called & I am being enriched daily because of that call. I have been taking a preaching course this semester & have learned to better my skill at preaching, as well as that I am truly not called to preach on a regular basis in a formal way. My courses challenge me to know my call & work with the calls of others; as well as, work with Gospel story and all that surrounds it on a different level than when I first started my rligious education many years ago.

In light of the beginning of the Advent season a friend asked yesterday, "What are you waiting for?" My immediate response was December 17th because that is when the semester is over & break can begin. I am also waiting for July 2 to be here & all the stuff to happen that will & needs to in between now & then. The Save the Dates have been sent with the fun picture at the top printed on them! I am also waiting to know where Z & I will be placed for next year & where we'll live in the summer before we leave for internship. So I leave you today wanting to know, what are you waiting for?
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