Monday, February 15, 2010

lovers weekend

Happy Valentine's Day, Singles Awareness Day, Lovers Day (that's what I like to call it), or whatever else you call it.

Classes started back up last week & as I had predicted I would be in way over my head before it even began. I really shouldn't be blogging right now, I should be reading, but writing/typing things down is good for the soul. I started journaling when I was in elementary school, but didn't really become a regular journal writer of any sort till middle school. It's fun to be able to share my life with all yall, as well as have it on record for me to look back at.

This past weekend was wonderfully fun. God continues to amaze me with all the blessings that have been part of my life, people and experiences. A year ago my New Dawn team was at the Bethany Home in the Northwest part of Malaysia. We were filled with the joy of our friends there, especially the faith of Jayasingh. I learned from him to not let my worries get the best of me because Jesus has already taken care of it. "Don't worry, it's already done!" he would say to my team. Yet of course I still worry about life and friends & future endeavors, things I don't always have control over. I am reassured through the many blessings & ways I see the Holy Spirit working day & night that my life is in God's hands.

This past weekend I watched the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics with some friends on Friday and Saturday had a lazy day till the evening. Saturday evening was the Love Me Tender Valentine's dinner & dance. So my friends & I got all gussied up & enjoyed food & fellowship & some AWESOME dance moves. I got to wear a dress I bought for senior year homecoming at Capital. This was nice because I think I had only worn it one other time & because people thought it had maybe been a bridesmaid dress. It's always nice to be complimented & everybody looked great. After the fun there a bunch of us went to celebrate a friend's birthday. Sunday morning was church at Jacob's Well. I've started attending there & really enjoy the worship & community. Then Zack and & I went to a very nice dinner to finish out the weekend. Now it's back to the grind. Enough blogging for now. Happy Day!
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