Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm not talking about the police or a bear, but the continuing season of Lent. Clever, I know!

It's late, but I haven't blogged in a long while and it seems time. I have come to write something a few times since the last post, but really wasn't sure what to write since it didn't seem much had changed. Life is still pretty much a tornado with constant goings on. My Greatest Great Uncle D would've loved to hear all the silly crazy fast paced things I've been reading and writing about these days. He and I used to always write to each other, me about my crazy fast paced adventures and him about the times he'd been to where I was or jokes he heard about the places. I digress.

This Lent I challenged Zack to give up sweets with me. Now sweets ended up being more defined by desserts. With him having a meal plan though and constant desserts being served in the cafeteria, plus he's got a giant cavern of a sweet tooth or three, this was a big challenge. I personally don't like chocolate all that much and am more of a fruit person so I didn't think it would be too hard. However, as the weeks have passed on and Girl Scout cookies have been bought, chocolate easter eggs have been gifted, I feel as if I have a heaping pile of goodies waiting for us on Sunday. This is exciting, but at the same time it's been a really good challenge. Being Lutherans we don't always give something up for Lent and in recent years it has been a trend within many of my circles of friends to take something on. I've been thinking more lately about where God wants me to be used and where I'd be happy as far as careers go. I have had several interviews and nothing has come of them. However, for the most part, I know that it's been right for nothing to come of them. The challenge I've focused on during Lent has been more on how to slow down a bit and focus on the face of Jesus in my everyday life so that I can learn to be more like Jesus in my everyday walk. Don't get me wrong, I'm really lookin' forward to the Somoa cookies and the freedom of eating whatever I want (within reason of course), but I hope to continue reflecting on the face of Jesus and his ways of teaching me to be in the moment.

The Holy Spirit is here, there, and everywhere with us, but Jesus meets us in the moment.
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