Wednesday, January 27, 2010

make over

I thought I'd give this loverly blog a make over today while I was at work. It took forever which has convinced me to not change it again for a very long time, if ever. I'm back in MN now & yes it's uber cold. When questioning why I moved to such a cold state a friend said that the cold will only make me stronger, which then I asked if that means that I'll have huge muscles by the end of my seminary career :-)

Trying to get back in the flow of being here again. It's good to be back, but I am not motivated to get much done. I also don't have a ton to get done right now so the things that I need to be working on are getting pushed to the back burner. I have been able to be reacquainted with seminary friends and see a few others. I got to have lunch with my friend Emily who works for YE, so I also got to see other office folk that are great. Then I got to have Caribou with my former teammate from New Dawn, Kristine. We hadn't seen each other in several months so that was really nice.

One big recent change is I'm in the dating scene again. I wouldn't advertise it except for the fact that we put it on facebook and people have questioned if it's real or not. I just learned this evening that my own family was calling each other to tell one another to look at my facebook page. I'm glad all yall are excited, but it kinda seems as if yall never thought I'd date anybody again. Other people's reactions are just funny, which is good. We're happy to be together & it's a boost that others are happy for us.

I will have a picture or two soon, promise!
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