Sunday, October 4, 2009

Minnesota Chill

The warmth of September has gone & the cold has begun, but I know that it will get much colder within just a few weeks.

This is the start of week 5 of seminary. It's crazy how fast it all goes by when you're in classes & working & attempting to have a social life too.

I have made some great friends at the seminary and have been blessed to run into a few other friends that are in the cities. The first day of class was a little intimidating, overwhelming, & invigorating. Since then I have attempted to keep up with all the reading, but like all my peers have said, it's nearly impossible.

The first few weeks were filled with fun outtings to the como zoo & conservatory, had a campfire in the park, many dinners at my place with friends, & just this weekend was girls night. So I can't say that my social life has really been lacking as God has more than provided a wonderful network of friends that when we're not eating together or whatever else we're studying together. This next weekends outting is for sushi!

Some days I wonder what I'm doing back in school, but I know that I am here for God. God called me here & I am learning so much that will help me in whatever future ministry I am called to.
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