Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Thursday

Today, although dreary & rainy, has been a GREAT day.

I was able to talk with a friend in Hong Kong this morning for the first time in at least two months. May I just say that SKYPE is an incredible invention. Praise Jesus for the person(s) who conjured it up along with the the other things that make it all work. I went off to school, got some reading in, heard my favorite Psalm (43) be read in chapel, had good discussion in class, & then a good lunch with other diaconal candidates & ministers. I then went to meet with my financial coach & when I was on my way to go grocery shopping (I haven't been in at least 3 weeks) I got a phone call from some friends I hadn't seen in over a month saying they were coming into the city & wanted to meet up.

I am a person who loves to be around others and definitely feel fed when I have quality time with people. A day filled with good discussions, quiet purposeful God time, & surprises ranks high in my list of good times. I didn't get any grocery shopping done, but I came home & ate 4 potatoes :-D (they were really small).

I have been over the top busy with school work & life lately. I always have papers to be writing & of course reading to be done so that I can write the papers. In at least three of my classes one of the main focuses is noticing where God is and through that knowing who God is within the text & that then leads us to who humans are within the text & who God is calling us to be. I've recently read about a very commanding God, but God is so confident in His commands that humans follow what He says. Through human's fear God gets respect & obedience. Although, much like my own life, it seems that the humans do not always know why they're doing what they are. However, they continue on, with questions, but they continue on, just as I do with life. I'm sure I'm not alone in this especially after my conversations today.

Just some thoughts to ponder: Who is God in your life & who is God calling you to be?

Off to work on another paper! Praise Jesus for education :-)
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