Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Mystery

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat!

So lately the ministry life in Racine has been very hectic. We have helped with 3 different Christmas pageants, had heaps of Christmas cards to send out, & shopping to do on top of our regular schedules. I have been doing a lot of recapping on this year & how weird it's been. This year is definitely one to remember.

At the beginning of the year I fell in love, I graduated undergrad. in May, I had a pretty easy summer with a wedding & spoke folk, my heart was broken at the end of the summer, & then I started team life which is an adventure all of it's own. The one constant thing in all of this has been my faith & God's love that I just really some times have a hard time believing in how amazing it is.

Earlier this week I was fed up with most every aspect of my life. I wanted to quit or so I said. The thing is I never really wanted to quit. I absolutely love the ministry we're doing here & the people we work with of all ages. Even after a stressful day because of whatever reason I enjoy it. Ministry is my life, serving God & others to share His love, that I don't understand, is my passion. I had hit a huge brick wall and couldn't keep going. Thankfully through much prayer & great friends I am working around this wall.

My week got even a bit crazier the next day. I was talking with a good friend and told her that even after all the chaos I still had a strange gut feeling that I needed to go on the winter Spoke Folk tour in Florida. I have been thinking & praying about this tour for a few months now & had so many reason why I shouldn't go and had myself convinced that I wasn't able to go. She suggested that maybe I should explore that weird gut feeling a bit more so I got done talking with her & called my good friend that is the tour director & told him my story. I cannot believe the one ministry that has changed my life so much I was denying myself to think about going on another tour. I decided a few days ago that I would be joining the FL Spoke Folk 07/08 tour because I really feel that is where God wants me.

Yes, it's crazy. I'll be home for two days & off to do more ministry. I have not been this excited about ministry in a long while. God works in awesome mysterious ways! I have no clue what this tour or the 2008 year will bring for me, but I don't need to. Today is what's here & I have given it my best. I pray that everybody has a great Christmas & Happy New Year. You don't need a new year on any calendar to have a fresh start. Each day is a fresh start because of the grace of God.
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