Monday, February 29, 2016

Tuesday Tea Time!

Hello Tuesday Tea Time!

Today I come to you 3.5 teas in for the day. One to start the day, 0.5 in my Arnold Palmer at lunch, & a 2 bag oops to end the day. If decaf drinks aren't truly 100% caffeine free, what does it mean when you accidentally (or purposely) use 2 tea bags instead of 1?!

That's life though, filled with surprise of all sorts! I was multitasking & went to remove my tea bag to find & remove two tea bags. Double the plum green tea! 

After the last week of family matters, crazy travels, work, & the health of both my dad & Z's dad & our growing families (we have a new niece!) this 2 tea bag at once crazy seems pretty normal. All these pieces of life plus gray late winter weather & continual snow fall & the whole pregnancy piece have me wiped out!

To pick myself up I drink more tea & water, but really it's all about pace & balance. I think I've written before about not feeling guilty when Tuesday Tea Time happens late, so today toss your self inflicted guilt aside & enjoy an evening tea. 

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