Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tuesday Tea Time!

It's Tuesday Tea Time & Hot Tea month!

Hot tea always helps me to slow down, even if only for a moment. Many mornings I don't take my first sip of my hot tea till I'm on my way to work & some days not till I've gotten into my office & set things down. While I have no problem, especially as a young adult, fully living into the fast paced world that is 2016, I find it often stressful & anxiety provoking to stay in this fast pace 24/7.

Thankfully hot tea & snowy roads slow me down. In fact in lieu of this past weekends snow storm, I found it quite enjoyable driving slowly to work & sipping my tea. Now if only I were as skilled as the British Police in the Minions movie & could pour myself a nice tea cup full of tea from a pretty tea pot, while driving down the road!

This week while you speed through each day, stop for a half a day or more & let the day speed by you. Enjoy a hot cup of tea & breath deep, celebrating yourself right where you are.
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