Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Tea Time!

Hello everyone! Lacey Bauer here, filling in for Julia!  I'm an old friend, hard working entrepreneur, doula extraordinaire, passionate memory maker, and tea lover to the extreme.

For those that don't know me, I have a pure fascination with books & literature. I have a degree in English literature and find that when I get my hands on those bound pages, I get deeply lost in the story woven in front of me. It's not often these days that I have the time to sink deep into my favorite chair, cuddle up with my favorite mug and sip on that delicious tea, absorbing the words that lay before me.  But today, I made time to wander to a book store and add to my collection. I took home a variety of books; entrepreneurial, inspirational, and fictional.  Some are practical for growing my business, and some for pure enjoyment.

It was hard to make that time; to dedicate a morning to the things I love outside of my career. Sometimes I beat myself up over indulging in these outings.  "But you have more important things to do, Lacey." This time, I looked inward and remembered self care.  I remembered what it means to find the things I love most and to breathe them in and simply enjoy. So I made the time, wandered the aisles of that book store, and came home to my favorite chair, my beautiful teal hand made mug from a dear friend, and sipped on that smooth cup of chamomile lemon tea.

My encouragement for you this week is to think about the things you love(d) most and whether or not you're making the time in your busy life to do them. But always do them with that warm cup of tea.

My recommendation this week? A cherry almond black tea.  It always hits the spot.
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