Monday, October 26, 2015

Tuesday Tea Time!

Greetings, and Happy Tuesday Tea Time!


I’m happy to be sharing this tea time with you, filling in for my friend Julia the next couple weeks. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Timothy, and I most often blog here. I’m also a: husband, son, brother, mission developer, hot chocolate and chocolate milkshake connoisseur, a sports fan crazy about the Mariners and Seahawks especially, and grateful to be asked to share this Tuesday Tea Time with you. 


In the spirit of Tuesday Tea Time, as a place to take a few moments to sit and reflect while sipping on your favorite tea or hot beverage of choice, here’s a question for you:


What big question are you wrestling with right now?


If you’re like me, you may well have more than one. Some of the questions I’m pondering are:

• What am I most excited about right now in this awesome role of being a mission developer?
• What would it be like to serve on staff and in ministry with my wife Allison beyond this one year of internship for her and me serving as a mission developer?
• What’s Thanksgiving and Christmas going to look like this year?
• When will the Mariners make the playoffs? Will the Seahawks get on a hot streak? 


Whatever your question or questions are, take a few minutes during today’s tea time while you sip to ponder about the questions. Jot them down, and if you don’t mind, share them in the comments. I believe life is about conversations, questions, and relationships. If there’s no wrestling or curiosity, I know at least for me, I would be very bored. What about you? 


On a different note, I’m so excited for Julia’s news, and invite you all to send her great thoughts and hold her in your prayers. 


Until next time, thanks for sharing this moment with me, and Happy Tea Time!

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