Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Tea Time!

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Heya, it's Tuesday Tea Time!
It's Tuesday Tea Time!

Lately the weeks seem to be flying by at a slow pace & therefore all becomes a blur. Do you know what I mean?

This seems like more reason to stop & breath in Tuesday Tea Time if ya ask me. I finally got around this week to reading an article that I'd been saving in my inbox for several weeks.

Tea With Ninjas is a wonderfully written article with words that help the imagination go go go to a far away place. 

One of my favorite take-aways is the quote, "Tea is culturally significant in Japan - it marks a time of quiet contemplation, reflection, & rest." That is what I hope for Tuesday Tea Times too. That it is a means of breathing in your day & finding your center with where you are in the moment. Not that my words may do this, though that's cool if they do, but that stopping to remember to take tea time & actually taking tea time nurtures you in this way.

If you're not curious to know more about Tea With Ninjas, that's a shame because the article also talks about martial arts & tea drinking coming from the same philosophies. Seriously, check it out!

And before I forget, heaps of thanks & love to some up coming guest bloggers while I'm off having tea with ninjas (not really, but I'll be close!).
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