Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday Tea Time!

Tea on Tuesday is always a good time! So take a minute to join this time with your tea (or other drink that is like a hug in a cup for you).

As the weather has gotten warmer so the desire for iced tea has grown stronger. We're really only 3 days into sandal weather - if you ask me anyway - so the chance to make sun tea has not been taken just yet.

That's because this week is off the charts cray cray!

Sunday I was simply supposed to assist in worship, instead I led both services & made up my sermon in about 5 minutes prior to the first service. I knew as long as I preached the GOOD NEWS all was good!

The day of course didn't end there for work or outside life. I was also set up to help create a brand new to this site fundraiser with the youth & families. SO I got a good 7 hour work day in to kick off the week!

And the really silly piece was while out running errands in the late afternoon or early evening, Z bumped the shopping cart into a display of Brookside Chocolates & down it went. First i sorta stopped as I caught it with my side, but it was too unstable. Fits of laughter ensued for hours on & off about this ridiculousness.

Then yesterday I set up an appointment... in FLORIDA! It wasn't till the very end of the conversation to set up the appointment that I asked for the address of the meeting location & laughed when they said FL. I shared with them that I am in fact in Michigan & would not be able to make it there by 2:30 that same day. Fits of laughter yet again!

So whaddya think it'll be today?
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