Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Snippets: good, bad, & awesome!

GOOD: It's Sunday & if I choose to spend it well than clearly my week will be filled with content! The quote says so, but it doesn't say who said it. So it's Sunday, start the week off right! Start the week off with what is right for you & benefits others around you. A week of content is not a week all about you, but you in the midst of others. No matter how isolated we may feel at times or like to think we are - due to introversion, space, or other factors - we are anything but unconnected from all of humanity or creation. This last week was a week well spent with a touch of content. We laughed a lot this past week - about the shopping cart that was ditched on our property, the chocolate display that we knocked over & tried to pick up, & the fact that I tried to make an appointment I've been putting off making, but turned out the number I had dialed was for an organization in FL. We started out the week with crazy & ended with a little less crazy thankfully, but nonetheless crazy.

BAD: There is no one way to rightly pursue life. While we want that right way & we want to figure it out & have a quick fix for every bug & bother, it doesn't exist. Just as my friend & colleague TS wrote in an article titled Spinning Round & Round I think many of us find ourselves in these places. The more we read & educate ourselves, the more the world spins & the more our heads float & the more we become aware of how small we truly are. Small isn't always bad, we can do mighty things no matter our size - literal or figurative - & persevere through the spinning & spinning. The slightly bad is that the spinning will always be because of the endless possibilities we bring to the table. We have to work with a balance.

AWESOME: Friends having funny dreams, involving you, that spark great conversation & might be true, but only time will tell. Also ending the week with the chance to hike, explore, sit around a blazing fire, dig into scripture, & wake up to a good rain storm.

WORD: If you find your Sunday being the start of your week or any other day, muster up what you have to make it well spent & the rest will be content.

coming up: A touch of excitement & preparation as we gear up for this coming weekend's Celebration Weekend with Jonathan Rundman & continuing to figure out & live with #LifeSpiritSparkle
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