Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Tea Time!

Happy Tuesday Tea Time!

Who knew these "Perfect Tea Timers" could be so great?!

A few weeks ago while we spent a few days away, the froyo coffee shop dessert place we stopped in for froyo had some locally grown tea as well. Naturally I decided to have some tea & choose one that was called Happy Spleen Green.

It was very refreshing & interesting that it needed to be timed not by the green timer, but the white timer. It seemed pretty helpful as I often guess with a touch of an idea of how long each kind of tea needs steeped. Though it's not as fun as this Penguin.

Generally I don't take too much consideration into timing my tea. I'm aware of the preferred amount of time for different kinds of tea - thus the help of these "perfect timers" - & try to go by that, but usually only be my own math rather than actually looking at a clock. Knowing there is a preferred temperature & time for different kinds of teas makes drinking tea through a kettle - this teaches one patience - & automated beverage machines such as a Keurig, unique it's own way. Thankfully I don't find myself too picky. The worst tea is that which has been steeped in water that came from a kettle that generally housed coffee.

How do you time your tea?
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