Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Snippits: good, bad, & awesome!

GOOD: We finally made it to a show at the Cheboygan Opera House! This was our first time even entering the building for anything. The high school's Spring (yes, I know we have a few more days officially) musical was The Sound of Music! Naturally as a follow up I decided to watch the movie within a day of seeing the musical on stage. While I was reminiscing of meeting Julie Andrews on one of her book signing tours (hence the group photo with tiaras) a few years back, Z is only focusing on pieces of the movie & reminiscing of a band trip he took in high school thinking he's been to some of the places in the movie. However, he couldn't be sure because he really didn't know who Julie Andrews was before he met me. I'm not sure how you go to Austria on a band trip & don't know that a famous musical was filmed there, but he did. All that to say both the performance & viewing of the movie were great.

BAD:  Having to remember things like Selma to realize that struggle is always real, relevant, & life lasting. It's what we do with this struggle that changes the world.

AWESOME: More often than not, it's the little things, like stickers, random phone calls, quiet afternoons to read by the fire. It's the things that make you realize you're an adult because you get excited about new hampers & recycling bins. Yes, this all happened this past week.

WORD: Catching up with AJO this past week I shared with her that I'm working on finishing Malala again. I've learned to pair the serious books with a slightly less serious book. Stitches is serious in it's own right, but it's not about straight up violent warfare, but rather abstract life warfare. So somehow they go together or I'm just making it work because I've been picking up both to indulge in the last week. Most likely both will be finished soon. Both stories are about great faith gifted from a Spirit outside their control.

coming up: A bit of travel for work & a touch of Life, Spirit, & Sparkle!
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