Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Tea Time!

What a lovely photo! Credit given to Austea for sharing their products in clever ways.

Tuesday Tea Time & I'm wishing I had some of this loose leaf tea. Maybe not this loose leaf tea, but loose leaf tea in general.

I'm exploring where/who to buy loose leaf tea from & the benefits of loose leaf tea versus bagged tea.

I bought myself a small sample of loose leaf tea while on vacation the other week & while I find it just as refreshing as most bagged teas, it is quite messy.

I'm really good at making a mess & not very good with the mess.

I even dried my tea leaves out over night so that I could use them a second time. While I'm not sure I would make a constant habit of this, it was simply refreshing the next day. Often I will reuse my tea bags for a second go, but I never dry it out again. Does anybody know the importance of drying the tea leaves out in between uses?

May this #heartfind encourage the continued exploration & love of Tuesday Tea Time!
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