Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It's Friday & there's SO many favorites to share that I narrowed it down to this.....

Poetry on a wine cork!

"Standing here / The old man said to me / Long before these crowded streets / Here stood the Dreaming Tree."

As we walked MG this evening in the twilight of evening the sky, it was filled with pinks & yellows & grays. It was beautiful amidst the sparkling pieces of snow covered patches. Yes, there is snow everywhere, but there are only patches that seemed untouched by everything other than the wind. A phone camera could not have done this beautiful piece of God's creation justice & for a piece of extra quiet I had left my phone behind.

We returned from the walk only to make a fancy meal of Annie's Mac-n-Cheese, hot dog, & asparagus with a nice glass of Dreaming Tree Crush (thus the wine cork poetry).

Here's to your Friday Favorites as you wind down from the week. May you stand beneath the Dreaming Tree!
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