Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday Tea Time!

Hello Tuesday Tea Timers!

Every now & then somethings gotta give right?

Well recently it has been my blogging. I've had a lot more writing to do & a bit of writer's block. In fact I'm lined up to preach this Sunday & have done very little to prepare so far. If you know me, you know this is unusual by this point in the week.

All of a sudden we're covered in icy cold white snow here in Pure Michigan. Seriously, it's like I blinked & my memories of a month or two were taken from me & we're all of a sudden living in January already. Having felt like I was a month behind since the Summer doesn't help this much.

Thankfully what does help with the writer's block & the frigid temps is a nice warm mug of tea. Tonight it's Teatulia for Julia! Props to my mom for that gift & rhyming it with my name.

I'm weekly amazed at the amount of blogs I see pop up filled with evidence that the writer's of those blogs have been reading & reading & reading about the many things they share. For example, TS's weekly post is a plethora of intriguing & enriching reads. Way to be awesome my friend! Seriously, he's one of a few e-mails or social media notifications I receive that has such a wealth of life knowledge worth sharing.

Shortly before my birthday this year I read an article (of course I don't know where it is now, but most likely it was from Relevant Magazine) that said some of the common things that women tell themselves in their 30s & how to reframe these negative things. One of the things was to be okay with the things you don't do. Such as owning an acoustic guitar for 9 years & never learning to play much of anything on it or owning all sorts of crochet needles, but never learning more than an average hook & means of making hot pads or scarves.

So I'm not much of a reader. It's amazing I made it through a 4 year graduate school program! I'm also not a basic skilled guitar player. Nor am I a crochet artist, though I have hopes to do more with this & as far as I know I have plenty of time ahead of me to do so.

No matter what has to give a little, I'm still me, you're still you & that's enough.
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