Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tea Time!

Happy Tuesday Tea Time!

It's confession time today.

The first confession is that I'm not actually drinking tea. I'm drinking a caramel latte with a touch of Bailey's Irish Cream because we're on staycation mode.

The second confession. While in conversation with Mama P the other day she mentions something about the bookS she got me for Christmas. My response was maybe the wrong one, but she wasn't mad that I know of. "What books did you get me?!"

Oops! I forgot that my mom got me books for Christmas because I had been so diligent about finding a spot for them to keep. As soon as she said what they were I remembered & knew exactly where they were, so like any good gift receiver, I made it a point to actually look at one of them since that conversation.

Tea & Crumpets is sure to help me prepare for any fancy tea party I ever want to throw. However, right now the fanciest I get is making giant scones & taking them to visit friends. This Winter has been a wear a lot of fleece & sweatpants (or track suit bottoms for my English friends) Winter. I am glad to be saying g'bye to January in just a few days & moving into February.

Maybe February will give me more time for looking into & reading about Tea & Crumpets!
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