Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time!

 Welcome Back!                   It's Tuesday Tea Time!!!

We are back up & running with internet at home & glad to be connecting our lives to yours!
SO many things could be talked about after the last month and a half of transitioning. But I'll spare you the boring parts. If you're an avid follower, you know that we moved, not once, but twice. 

We are now settled into our new home - our first house - in Northern Michigan - but not the UP - where there is a lake, river, or Great Lake within' a short walk or drive in every direction. This also means it's pretty regularly sweatshirt weather. Today though, it's a balmy 84 degrees.

I'm taking this chance to make sun tea at least one last time before it gets too chilly to put things outside. That is, things that you want to heat up & steep in their own herbal goodness & not keep refrigerated.

While Fall is possibly my favorite time of the year, there are some things that I would keep all year, like sun tea, if I could.

Here's to keeping your favorite summer things around for another few weeks! And shoot, if you live in the southern part of our country or world, share the love of sun tea year round with us Northerners!
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