Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Snippits!

Heya all, I haven't disappeared from the world of blogging. Life has just been ONE GIANT TRANSITION after another lately.

As of today I'm sitting in Z's new office space, mooching off the church wifi, & admiring our home out the window. Yes, Z will be able to see the whole front of our house outside of his office. We could send smoke signals from my home office to his work office!

Life is good & we're definitely still in a time of settling. Who would've ever thought recycling could be so complicated? We can't figure out where to take all our paper & boxes from moving!

Z officially starts his new job a week from today & I start my networking/building my job title a week from today.

I'll try to be checking back in later this week, but without internet at home, who knows what will happen.

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